Do you need help picking out the right paint colors or curtains to complete the look you desperately seek? Really want a Broyhill Brasilia credenza but don’t have the time to scour craigslist to find one on the low? Just married and need help combining styles? Below are a list of services Abbey provides. Take a look and contact her if you have questions or need some help with something special.

Sometimes a room just needs a fresh set of eyes to bring it to life. Invite me over, and in just a few hours, I can recreate your entire space with all the furniture and objects you already have.

Are you looking for tired of looking for a certain piece of furniture? Let Abbey look for you.

Does Grandma’s credenza needs some love? Did you dumpster dive over your head and need some help refinishing your buried treasure? Let Abbey help you.

Sometimes, a room just needs a little something to kickstart it in the right direction.Whether that’s just choosing just the right paint color, or narrowing down a few key pieces of art or furniture, I can take a space that extra mile.

If you need something you don’t see here. Please contact us.